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Head-e Trips by C. Michelle McCarty

Six Short Stories about Internet dating

“Intersection” marks the spot where two similar souls are seeking happiness: Conceited and caustic business owner Lila Jordan, whose brutal behavior elicits loathing from almost everyone including the company janitor. And smooth-talking, self-absorbed Rick Rankin, proprietor of a profitable refurbished exotic auto dealership, whose narcissism causes customers to cringe even as they purchase his exquisitely restored classic vehicles.

“Next Exit – NASA” leads to lonely Ronan, a polite and sensitive humanitarian who is misunderstood due to his introverted nature and obsession with the Space program. Always wearing an Apollo something-or-other gimme cap, he shows the world that astronauts are the stars in his universe. Nerdy Ronan understands everything about space shuttles and microgravity, but is clueless when it comes to attracting women. Closing in on forty, virgin Ronan secretly longs to link up with a Southern belle—preferably one with a sweet name like Cinnamon or Honey.

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