Along The Way

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C. Michelle McCarty - Fiction/Mainstream Contemporary AuthorIn 2006 after I whittled a nine hundred page manuscript down to three hundred typed pages, I decided to enter a fiction writing contest for constructive feedback. Unfortunately I barely met the deadline and due to a computer snafu, my entry got lost in cyberspace. Fortunately, this electronic mishap led me to Barbara Bamberger Scott, creator of A Woman’s Write, who kindly offered me abundant guidance on the novel writing process. Barbara seemed to take a personal interest in my fiction story, emailing me about enriching characters and enhancing the storyline. With assistance from Barbara who has a knack for telling it like it is while remaining gracious, I reworked my manuscript based on her knowledgeable line-editing and ingenious character building and plot development suggestions. But alas, life took me in other directions, thus I cast my manuscript aside for a couple years. When I picked it up again, I passed it to two other editors to compare critiques, and then emailed it back to Barbara who had been inquiring about its status. Although Barbara is the author of several books, an advocate of disadvantaged people who works as a case manager, and is currently writing a non-fiction history of American Homesteading, she showed genuine concern for my novel and its cast of characters. If you are seeking an editor who empathizes with authors, tends to live inside the minds of characters, making sure they stay in their roles, and offers brilliant ideas for enhancing a storyline, you can learn more about Barbara at or

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