C. Michelle McCarty

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C. Michelle McCarty - Fiction/Mainstream Contemporary AuthorGrowing up with four older sisters in an insanely busy household abuzz with chaos, escapism came through daydreaming and writing. After mastering cursive in elementary, I wrote asinine poems and short stories. Some were retrieved by teachers who promptly sent me to the principal or to the front of class for a “show and share” moment. Chastising decelerated my writing and amplified my reading, and by my teen years I envied those with actual goals because I was living vicariously via characters in novels (hello, Biff Loman).

After school, marriage, childbirth, and divorce, writing for personal entertainment came to a grinding halt while I raised my daughter and launched a flourishing career in underemployment. Eventually I wound up writing ad copy, but continued my quest for the perfect workplace niche. When my granddaughter was hospitalized for three years, her determination to survive gave me incentive to breathe life into several stories gathering dust. The Jewel Box is my first published novel, and I am pleased to “show and share” it with everyone. A native Texan residing in Houston, I look forward to hearing from readers.

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